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The general management, the strategic vision versus the rapid evolutions

The worldwide balances were redrawn and strongly remodeled by digital, disruptive innovation and new competitive strategies. Regardless of your activity sector, the workplace is being transformed by diversification of knowledge, expertise and relationships employees have with their company. Decision makers are seeing their strategies strongly impacted by these changes. In order to develop, companies must adapt to forward thinking capabilities and be open to reoccurring changes in such a dynamic market.

Management teams are facing multiple challenges which are transforming their relationship with practices, skills, and strategies. One of the key challenges is certainly the digital disruption and the arrival of new competitors with a value proposition focused 100% on the response to actual customer needs.

Technological advancements are intensifying and directly affecting our economy. With technology redefining the value chains, managers must review their business models and enlarge their scope in a competitive environment which is becoming more and more complex.

The challenges that face General Managers is substantial since it is crucial to set the strategic direction of the company and produce ongoing sustainable results. Facing the complexity of their environment and growth of competitors globally, it is necessary to reconcile uncertainties, successes and contradictions to remain focused on performance and value to their organisation.

They must be strategic, calculated, and flexible in order to grow their business and its fundamentals such as: vision, values, culture, engagement, HR, business lines, innovation, clients, results, profitability, etc. An additional challenges is gaining engagement from the executive committees which require the deployment of a common culture and group and individual engagement without failure.

In this context, general management should concentrate on 10 key themes and as many strategic projects:

Management teams must take calculated risks while involving new operational strategies in the medium and long term, without neglecting to serve the short-term objectives.


Ayming, the general management’s strategic partner for operational performance.

We are experts in business performance, with a proven approach of operational advice, in order to enable organizations and their employees to go further in their development.

Our teams analyse your strategic directions while assisting your management departments to achieve optimal and sustainable operational results in the following areas: 

Human resources

We assist HR departments in optimizing their added value within the organisation. We  help optimise their processes and HR organisation. We place engagement and the wellness of employees at the core of their HR performance system. We provide the resources which put into place efficient and appropriate prospective HR management financed by the optimalisation of their salary costs.


We accelerate your innovation and R&D projects by evaluating your maturity and finding the best resources and partnerships to innovate. We optimise your processes and advise you on financing opportunities and public support (H2020, fiscal incentives for innovation, …) that are the most appropriate for your research activities.


We reduce the burdens of local or international taxation due to our multi-disciplinary expertise on taxes and the VAT.


We mobilise all the levers of purchasing performance: from the definition of strategies to their implementation throughout the entire value chain. We assist with the transformation of your supply chain on dimensions that are both human and technological (data science, digitisation, predictive maintenance, …).